IAPO toolkits

IAPO toolkits

We have developed a number of toolkits to support the development and advocacy efforts of patients' organizations worldwide.

These are detailed and interactive resources which aim to build the knowledge of patient representatives and to share the patient voice on important healthcare topics. If you would like any of these toolkits in another format, or if you have any questions, contact us.


biosimilar toolkitBiological and Biosimilar Medicines: An Information and Advocacy Toolkit for Patients' Organizations​

This toolkit provides patients’ organizations with up-to-date, evidence-based information on the science, technology and regulatory information relevant to biological and biosimilar medicines, as well as tips on advocacy. It is available in English, Spanish and Portuguese.

We believe that patients should be aware of what biological and biosimilar medicines are and what the implications of their increasing availability will mean to them. We hope that these resources will help patient advocates to make informed judgments on the value of biological and biosimilar medicines and actively engage in debate and discussion. 



Addressing Global Patient Safety Issues: An Advocacy Toolkit for Patients’ Organizations

The Patient Safety Toolkit contains useful background, facts, and figures on key patient safety issues identified by IAPO’s patient group members.

It also provides advice and tips on how to advocate and build partnerships to achieve patient safety goals and on communicating messages to patients and other healthcare stakeholders.






Working with partners and stakeholders toolkit

Working with partners and stakeholders toolkit

The Working with Partners and Stakeholders Toolkit outlines how patients' organizations, both large and small, can work effectively with a range of partners and stakeholders.

It provides examples and guidance of how to develop long-term partnerships with these stakeholders while retaining independence.